Metal Cans

Our metal cans stand as durable cylindrical containers, crafted from tinplate steel to prevent rusting, and ensuring long-lasting quality.

The secure lever lid, designed with three points of contact for triple tight sealing, guarantees an airtight enclosure, preserving the contents within with utmost efficiency.

Available in plain or with customized artwork and featuring either gray or gold epoxy phenolic interior linings, these cans are indispensable for storing paints, coatings, and an array of liquids.

They seamlessly blend functionality with visual appeal, making them essential for a wide range of industrial and retail applications.

Interior Linings

Exterior Coatings


1 Gallon

3.785 L

1 Quart

946 mL

1 Pint

473 mL


Metal Handle

Metal Clips

Ringlok® Overseal Rings Lock