About Us

Allied Cans Limited is one of the leading industrial can manufacturer in North America, we have the facility and resources to manufacture general can line cans from ½ Pint (250ml) up to 1 Imperial Gallon (4 Litre) with or without ears along with inside plain and gold lined coating options with triple tight ring and plug technology for paints, coatings, adhesives, sealants and chemicals. We specialize in the manufacturing of mono-top screw top cans for pvs/cpvc/abs solvent cements, primers, cleaners and for other adhesive packaging.

Allied Cans Limited is a 100% environmentally green company. The production of our products is coupled with every conscious effort to ensure that we are manufacturing products that reflect ongoing responsibility and constant awareness of the environment. We carry a full range of metal cans and pails and harness the ability to produce custom made specialty cans that may not fall into mainstream production in the industry. Our products reflect impeccable quality and our customer service practices are unsurpassed. We are recognized for our quality products, within North America and the rest of the global arena. From start to finish, we ensure that our customer’s needs are met, no matter great or small.

Our success is due to our vision, passion and unwavering focus on excellence.

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Phone: (905) 450-5100
Fax: (905) 450-5101

Website: www.alliedcans.com
Email: info@alliedcans.com

56 Bramsteele Road, Unit – 6, Brampton. ON. L6W 3M5. Canada.